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  • How much is the deposit?
    Your deposit is only £100! This is protected by The Dispute Service TDS.
  • When is rent due?
    The first rent payment is due 5 working days before you move in. The next two payments are due 14th January and the 14th April.
  • What if I haven't recieved my student finance before I move in?
    We understand sometimes student finance doesn't arrive until mid September, which will be after the move in date. If this is the case, we offer a 4 week payment plan in lieu of student finance. Our payment plan means that you would only be required to pay the first 4 weeks rent before you move in, and the rest of that terms rent when you get paid student finance. For more information on this please contact the office -
  • Do I need a guarantor?
    Any student who would like to pay in termly instalments is required to have a UK based guarantor. The role of the guarantor is to ensure payment of the rent if you fall behind on payments. If you do not have a UK guarantor, there are services which can help you with this (e.g Helping Hand). Alternatively, you can pay your rent upfront if you prefer
  • Do I pay council tax?
    No, students are exempt from paying council tax. The Accommodation team will email you once you have moved in with some basic information.
  • Do we have female only blocks?
    We do not have specific blocks of same gender students. However, if the availability is there we do try our best to locate you in a block with the same gender students.
  • Do you allow guests?
    Yes, you are allowed guests. Whilst on site your guests are your responsibilty, any damages or issues caused will be yours, so please ensure they are respectful whilst on site.
  • Are you 24 hour staffed?
    Yes, we have staff on site at all times. We have security on site from the time the office closes, so there will always be someone here to help if you get locked out or have any issues.
  • What if I need something fixed?
    We have maintenace on site during office hours. After office hours we have an on call maintenance company in place to answer any emergencies. Security will also be able to help with basic fixes.
  • Do you allow smoking?
    Smoking is permitted on site, but only on the patio or outside your block. Smoking is NOT permitted inside your room or kitchen.
  • Do you have wifi?
    Yes, our wifi is provided by Glide. The free wifi is 50mbs, however you can pay for an upgrade on this.

Frequently Asked Questions

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