During these uncertain times we would like to try and ease your worries and tell you about some of the things we will be doing on site to make life as normal as possible


- We currently offer fortnightly kitchen cleaning complimentary, however we will be also giving out surface spray to every kitchen to help keep on top of this

- Hand gel is provided around site to ensure we can prevent any unnecessary spread of germs

Image by Anton

- Maintenance will only be carried out within prebooked times, this is to maintain social distancing as much as possible (except for emergency maintenance)

- External contractors will be screened before coming to site, and students will be asked if they are showing symptoms before work is  carried out.

Image by Julie Molliver
On Site

- We expect students to social distance where possible, however each flat will be considered its own bubble


- If you have symptoms before or during your stay with us you must let us know straight away, this way we can assist you with shopping and isolation.

- Only 1 person in a lift per journey (unless they are from your bubble)

Image by Tim Mossholder